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Silverstar Como Black Metal 7x5 Photo Frame

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This sophiticated 7x5 photoframe is really effective as the silver edge contrasts really well with the matt black finish and gives the frame. It will stand in either horizontal or portrait mode and hangs in portrait mode, so is really versitile for either photos of the family and friends or a great view, that is particularly special. The edge of the frame is approximately three quarters of an inch wide with a thin metal strip around the inner edge which gives an attractive border next to the photograph and helps to reflect light around the photograph inside. This shiny silver strip contrast really well with the matt black finish, giving the frame a modern feel. The photograph is easily slipped into the back of the frame by sliding off the velvet backboard and the strong sturdy stand holds the frame in place. The finish on the frame is of a very high standard, with the matt black metal edge, returning around to the back of the frame. There is a strong metal ring on the back of the frame from which to hang it.