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Dorr Chalet Black Wood 7x5 Photo Frame

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The Chalet 7x5 Black Photo Frame is rustic looking frame made from a rough wood in Italy and has a dark grey/black painted finish which gives it added interest. The heavily textured frame edge has a natural look and is bevelled upwards from the outside edge to the aperture, thereby focusing the eye onto the image inside. The edge around the aperture is raised approximately a quarter on an inch away from the glass and has a couple of sculpted lines around the inner edge of additional interest. The outer edge has a single grove with a slightly curved profile to give the frame a softer feel. The Chalet 7x5 inch frame measures approximately 10x8 overall and has a frame width of approximatelty 1.5 inches. The Chalet frame can stand or hang in bothe horizontal and vertical modes, as it has a strong strut on the rear and a metal hook that can be moved to either edge of the frame. The photograph is slipped into the back of the frame by taking off the backboard and then securing it back in place by using the metal tabs which fold outwards and in.