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Dorr Balthus Brushed Aluminium Silver 7x5 Photo Frame

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Available up to a massive A3 size this matt silver metal frame is a is a box style frame as it measures approximately 3/4 inch deep and the photo is held by spring clips towards the glass at the front of the aperture. Made in Italy, the Blathus 7x5 inch photo frame has been manufactured to a high standard and is well finished. The front edge of the frame is is quite wide at just over half an inch and does mean that the photo inside will have quite a bit of cropping. The strong metal clips hold the picture in place and the frame can either stand or hang in either vertical or horizontal mode, making it really versitile for landscape or portrait photos. The strong stand on the back holds the frame upright and the crisp, sharp edges keep the frame modern looking. The silver edge is a subtle brushed aluminium effect which is ideal for hanging with the other black frame in the range.