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Dorr LED Light Box 38x38cm Ultra Slim Design Extra Thin 8mm Dimmable

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This is a high quality, well manufactured viewing box and is a fantastic product for anyone needing to view slides, negatives or artists who are tracing over highly detailed flat artwork. The ultra slim design means that it is easy to store when not in use and comfortable to use when sitting at a table. At only 8mm deep, it has a high quality acrylic top for clear viewing and it can also be used as a back light for photographers who need a small boost of addditional light in the studio. The viewer has a mains lead and the colour rendering index Ra is >90, which ensures crisp, clear, well colour balanced images. The light is dimmable, so eye strain can be kept to a minimum when viewing for long periods and it comes complete with a protective cover, to keep off dust and dirt.

Number of LED's:



Luminous Flux:

1584 lm (1.4 in/cm²)


Illuminated Area:

34 x 34cm Approx


Rated Power:

14.4 Watt


External Dimensions:

38 x 38 x 8cm Approx