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Dorr Compact X42 Automatic Wildlife Feeder inc Feed Container

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The Dorr Kompakt X42 Automatic Feeder is ideal to manage feeding in your hunting ground as they spread feed at certain times you set. This feeder features a digital timer for you to program up to 16 feeding times daily and is able to spread around 0.5 litres of corn or other type of feed per second. Feeding duration can be adjusted via the timer from 1-30 seconds for regulation of feed and can spread feed up to 6 metres depending on weight and size of feed pieces and positioning height.

This Kompakt X42 Feeder is fitted with a collapsible waterproof feed containers made of solid Nylon and has a capacity of 42kg (approx. 40 litres). Also supplied with two strong Nylon straps for safe mounting.

Operated via a rechargeable PBQ Lead Acid Battery (6V, 4.5Ah) or can be charged by a solar panel (neither included). The X42 Feeder mounts onto most common feed containers and comes with 4 screw nuts with washers to fix the container.

Weight (without battery)


Weight (with battery)



Transport: 21 x 30 x 30cm
Ready for use: 75 x 30 x 30cm