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Dorr Go2 Square Filter System Kit inc Holder Hood ND & CPL Filter and 7 Colour Filters

Code: 318990

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This Go2 Square Filter System Kit includes:

  • Go2 Filter Holder
  • Go2 Lens Hood
  • Go2 ND8 Neutral Density Filter
  • Go2 CPL Circular Polarizing Filter
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Red
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Yellow
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Blue
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Green
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Orange
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Grey
  • Go2 Graduated Colour Filter Tobacco


The Filter Holder is the centre component of the Go2 filter system. It easily attaches to the lens in combination with a Go2 adapter ring (sold seperately). Then the included filters can be inserted - up to 3 at a time.


The Lens Hood avoids reflections and lateral stray light. The hood is simply plugged onto the filter holder. No need to remove it when exchanging filters.


The ND8 Neutral Density (ND) Filter shades the picture equally and colour neutrally. So the exposure time can be extended and a larger aperture opening gets available.


The CPL Circular Polarizing Filter avoids reflections on non-metallic surfaces and enhances contrasts and colour saturation. The filter is slided into the filter holder and can be rotated when needed.


The included 7x Go2 Graduated Colour Filters brings more excitement to the picture.


Simply choose a suitable adapter ring for your lens, available in 37mm to 82mm.



Graduated Filters

Red - Creates impressive sunsets even when the sky looks unimposing

Yellow - Creates harmonic light sceneries in landscapes with predominant sky

Blue - Enhances colours for special eff ects or a deep blue sky

Green - Turns green colours in nature more shading. Ideal for landscapes with water

Orange - Creates impressive sunsets or sets thundery clouds into dramatic scenery

Grey - Colour neutral, for a more balanced exposure when brightness varies

Tobacco - Enhances warm earth tones or for dramatic sky scenery