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Dorr Go2 Square Filter B&W System Kit inc Holder Hood & 5 Black and White Colour Filters

Code: 318991

NOW £69.99


This Go2 Square Filter B&W System Kit includes:

  • Go2 Filter Holder
  • Go2 Lens Hood
  • Go2 Black & White Filter Red
  • Go2 Black & White Filter Yellow
  • Go2 Black & White Filter Blue
  • Go2 Black & White Filter Green
  • Go2 Black & White Filter Orange


The Filter Holder is the centre component of the Go2 filter system. It easily attaches to the lens in combination with a Go2 adapter ring (sold seperately). Then the included filters can be inserted - up to 3 at a time.


The Lens Hood avoids reflections and lateral stray light. The hood is simply plugged onto the filter holder. No need to remove it when exchanging filters.


The included 5x Go2 Black & White Filters allow creative Black & White Photography.


Simply choose a suitable adapter ring for your lens, available in 37mm to 82mm.



Black & White Colour Filters

Red -  Blue (sky) gets visibly darker. Creates a high contrast of clouds in the sky, haze is toned down considerably, red gets lighter, skin tones get paler. Great for dramatic landscapes

Yellow - Blue (sky) gets darker, reduces haze slightly, clouds show rich contrasts, red and green colour become lighter. Ideal for landscape photography

Blue - Red gets darker, blue lighter. Reinforces the haze, reduces the contrast, produces diff use and hazy atmosphere

Green - Red and blue gets darker, green gets lighter and more shading (nature). Creates a beautiful skin for portraits

Orange - Effects are in between yellow and red, less alienation then with red filter