LED Flexible Light Panels - Press Release


Dorr Foto UK are very pleased to announce the UK Release of the LED Flex Panels. These light panels are completely flexible and have a width of just 10mm! These are available in 2 sizes; 30x40cm and 45x55cm and in either Daylight or Bi-Colour. Each panel can be attached to a wall or ceiling using the included Velcro mounting straps, these can also be used to connect several LED Flex Panels together for a well –rounded lighting solution.


The Daylight version features a colour temperature of 5600K (daylight) which is variably adjustable and provides a bright illumination even in hard to reach places which is great for the everyday photographer as it is perfect for portrait, product & also video shooting! The Bi-Colour LED Panel has been designed with bi-colour LED lights which provide an adjustable colour temperature of 3000K to 5600K (daylight).


The Bi-Colour version is especially useful as it features the ‘One-Control’ Function – this means when you attach several Flex Panels together, you are able to control them by using just one control unit, which is great when you would like them all to adjust the settings at the same time when shooting your subject.


We love these LED Flex Panels as the possibilities of their use are endless thanks to them being ultra-flat and ultra flexible, the modern day portable studio lighting! Each panel is supplied with a control unit and V-mount battery holder, AC adapter, power cable, X-Frame, light stand adaptor, Velcro strap with V-mount adapter and Velcro mounting straps.


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