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Dorr LiveView Wireless Remote Control Kit for Nikon LV-WRC

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View live images from your Nikon camera wirelessly to the LCD Display of the image receptor with The Dorr View Live Radio Remote Control Kit for Nikon LV-WRC. For use with cameras with Live View Mode. If required, you can trigger your cameras shutter with the radio using the following available programs: Single Image, Series, Long-term exposure BULB and Delayed release (self-timer).

With Nikon cameras that don't have a Live View Mode, but do have the Live View wireless remote shutter trigger, the image is then sent via radio to the image receptor where it becomes immediately visible. There are 3 different radio channels in order to avoid any interference. If this is still an issue, the image receiver also features a 45cm long cable (Supplied), to connect directly to your camera. It comes with a Lithium-Ion battery to provide a long operating time and has a combined power supply (included) to the battery via AC or USB connection to load.



2.4 GHz radio frequency used for the image signal and 433 MHz radio frequency for the trigger/



Single, Continuous, Long-term BULB tripping time delay recording.



At least 15m.



3 Radio Channels



 3 TFT LCD, brightness adjustable.



 960 x 240

Power Supply


2 x 3.7V 1200mAh Lithium Battery BL-6F (included with charger for mains and USB charging cable).

Standby Time


About 500 hours to Sender. Recipients to approximately 500 hours.

Operating Time


Up to 6 hours Transmitter. Receiver until about 4 hours.



Approximately 67 x 48 Channels x 25.5 mm. Receiver about 102 x 61 x 19mm.



Approximately 34g transmitter (with battery). Recipients about 77g (Without battery).