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Dorr Action Black Cam Twin Camcorder Bag

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This is a fantastic design for a camera bag and really useful for camcorder users, as the base is removable, so leads and power units don't have to be carried everywhere, but are kept safe when not in use. The base has velcro fastening where it fits on the base of the top and has a double zip opening, so that the lid can be flapped right back for easy access. The double loop pull which is attached to the zip, makes it easy to open and it also has a velcro pad at the end which seals everything down nicely. There is an internal divider in the smaller bag so that everything can be organised correctly and once securely attached to the top bag, it can stay there for the duration of the shoot if so required.

The upper case is slightly larger at 7 x 6 x 14cm (HxWxD) and can take a small camcorder, or bridge camera, or a CSC kit with a compact lens attached. The access from the top is great, as the zipper travels most of the way around the lid and has large nylon tags for easy grip and the flap lid covers the zip for additional protection which is great in bad weather. The two flaps on the bottom sides of the upper case, wrap around the bottom case and velcro in place making a really secure fastening, but if the base isn't attached, the flaps velcro to the pad on the bottom of the bag keeping them well out of the way. The upper case has a padded internal divider and a zippered mesh pocket inside the lid in which to store small accessories, like an SD card for example or lens cloth and because it is see through, items can be easily found. A wide shoulder strap is supplied, which clips into the two plastic D-Rings on each side of the bag. The Action Black range of bags has a two year manufacturers warranty.